Outperform your current seaweed product with Triad Kelp. A singular combination of innovative thinking and formulation has lead to this exceptional seaweed feed. Triad combines three species of kelp that share the same full spectrum mineral characteristics and vitamin profiles. However, each of the three possess unique properties that benefit your plant: Sargassum: contains extremely high levels of Glycine Betaine, an organic osmolyte compound many plants struggle to produce. This is linked to enzyme and membrane integrity, frost resistance, drought resistance, and tolerating salinity. It also has a role in chlorophyll concentration. Laminaria: containing 100% more iodine than any other plant, Iodine has been linked to biomass production, and antioxidant levels which increase drought and stress tolerance. Ascophyllum Nodosum: well regarded for high concentrations of cytokinins, hormones that help improve growth via cell division, and photosynthetic functions like chloroplast differentiation. Triad is a 100% soluble product, freeze dried to ensure quick dissolution. A quality uncommon in seaweed products, this means that not only does it take up very little space, it will keep for far longer than a liquid extract. This coupled with a high dilution rate of 1:1000 for foliar application or 1:500 for soil application give Triad unparalleled performance.

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Foliar: 1g/litre

Root drench: 2g/litre

We recommend using a small pump sprayer to ensure best application of Grail.