Fulvic acid is a powerful organic bio stimulant with a large number of benefits for both the soil and the plant. GHO soluble fulvic is sourced from a leading international manufacturer of regenerative agriculture products and has proved effective on farms, sports turf, and small growing situations. We sent samples out to a number of professional clients with the ability to assess its efficacy in multiple situations and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. – Natural chelating agent. – Increases nutrient uptake. – Promotes beneficial soil microbes. – Improves availability of rock minerals. – Increases crop yield and quality. – Compatible with a wide range of other inputs. – > 90% soluble. TYPICAL ANALYSIS W/W (DRY BASIS) Fulvic Acid concentration 70% Total Nitrogen (N) (as organic) 2.5% Total Phosphorus (P) (water soluble) 0.1% Total Potassium (K) (as organic) 6.9% Sulfur (S) 3.9% Magnesium (Mg) 1.8% Calcium (Ca) 1.0% Solubility 90% Particle Size: Very fine powder APPLICATION RATES Fertigation: 500 g – 1 kg per hectare Foliar: Horticulture 300 – 500 g per hectare Broadacre 80 – 150 g per hectare MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Dissolve product by adding a small amount of water to make a slurry, ensuring all lumps are dissolved before adding sufficient water to make a flowable solution. Mix well and let sit for around 1 hour before use. For larger quantities, GHO Soluble Fulvic add gradually to a fertiliser pre-mixer vat while agitating vigorously. If your vat does not have vigorous agitation, pre-mix, in batches, prior to addition. For sensitive spray equipment, the final liquid may need to be pre-filtered (with an appropriate mesh size) to prevent equipment blockages. The solution must be used promptly. Do not store.

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