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Organic Neem cake meal is the residue from the seeds after the oil has been extracted. It is a useful organic pest management tool and fertiliser. Unlike neem oil which requires a carrier oil and a binding agent (usually some form of soap), the meal can be used more easily. Applied either in powder form as top dress, mixed into the soil, or steeped in water and applied to both plant and root zone, neem cake meal is more versatile. Our neem is sourced from an OMRI listed supplier and during testing proved to have higher concentrations of active ingredients than other samples we ordered in. The reason neem is so effective is it can protect itself from a variety of pests with a battery of bio-chemical ingredients. Primarily these chemical compounds are classified as terpenes, in a sub-category known as Limonoids. The most widely known neem limonoid is Azadirachtin which is 90% effective against many pests. Azadirachtin works by repelling and controlling feeding behaviour, also restricting larvae development by blocking insect growth hormones breaking their life cycle. Next Meliantriol prevents pests eating, this is recorded as stopping locusts feeding during trials. Salannin, also affects insect feeding significantly. There are many other compounds in neem with repellent, antiviral and anti-hormone properties which protect plants from insects and viruses. Neem also has a number of anti-fungal properties and effective against botrytis, rust, black spot, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. It also contains n-p-k at a ratio of 6-1-2 and many trace elements including sulphur, calcium, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Being plant based neem is suitable for vegan use.

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Top Dress: 25-50g/m2 every 2-4 weeks and water in

Potting Mix: 50g/28 litres of soil or compost

Foliar & Root Drench: 1 tablespoon/litre warm water. stir well, rest for 24 hours then apply.


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