Living Soil Starter kit 25L

ready 20/10/20
ready 20/10/20

A complete living soil starter kit for beginners to build a healthy microbially active living soil. Mix the medium, aeration, and amendments; pot up, add water and site wherever your pot will be situated. 7-10 days later your living soil will be ready for planting. A veganic version is available without the oystershell. We would like to point out that in our view a 50 litre pot is the ideal size for the mix to work at its best. We see 40 litres as a minimum size for your soil to sustain itself but we know that some of our customers favour 25 litres due to size constraints. Please note that under 40 litres you will need to spend more time monitoring your plants condition and supplementing your soil with compost teas etc. Our kit comprises of: 8L fresh earthworm castings 8L Sphagnum Peat moss with 20% peat free compost to raise the pH to 6.8 8L Buckwheat Hulls for aeration Neem Cake Meal Seaweed Meal Black Soldier Fly Frass Alfalfa Meal Fine Gypsum Greensand Bokashi with beneficial microbes Soft Rock Phosphate Fine Oystershell (we leave this out for the Veganic variant). There is also an option to add Humic Acid granules at a small surcharge. The amendments and growing media combined will provide all the required nutrition, trace elements, and aeration your plant needs for good healthy growth. Combine with MBP Malted Barley Flour for even better results.

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