100% Soluble
100% Soluble
100% Soluble

Green Hand Organic are pleased to offer the strongest form of soluble Humic Acid available. Sourced from an OMRI listed organic supplier. Drawn from the Humalite layer rather than cheaper Leonardite material and testing at 93% (with 3-5% fulvic acid within this total) concentration and 100% soluble. We've run comparisons and found it to be 30% to 50% higher than other powder forms. At 100% soluble it will go at least 30% further. As there is no insoluble percentage this product is perfect for foliar feeds, irrigation systems, and hydroponics, and because of it's high concentration it represents better value for money than any other. Humic Acid is the final break down constituents of the natural decay of pre-historic plant material formed by chemical and biological humification and microbial action . These organic acids are found in layers deep in the earth and are moved to near-surface locations by geological motions. Over millions of years this concentrated and compressed material has become oxidised, this natural process giving humic content in this case of 93%. Humic acid is not a fertiliser, it is a soil conditioner and bio-catalyst and bio-stimulant for plant growth. A superior organic method to give supply a concentrated dose of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. It enhances plant growth and soil fertility. The effects are long term, it degrades slowly and when completely decomposed does not vie with plants for nutrients. This is achieved by chelation of nutrient compounds, to a form suitable for plant utilisation optimising the nutrient supply. Use results in in increases of up to 70% yield together with up to 30% reduction in use of fertilisers and pesticides giving you better and healthier growth in grass, ornamental, fruit and vegetable crops. Added to this better water retention making your plants more resistant to drought. Soil fertility is mainly controlled by content of humic acids. A high cation exchange capacity (CEC), oxygen content, and water holding ability are the reason for the high value of using humic acids for enhancing soil fertility and plant growth. Their most important feature lies in their ability to bind insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydroxides and slowly release them as required.

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*Improves soil structure

*Prevents surface cracking, surface water runoff and soil erosion by helping colloids to combine

*Increases soil aeration and workability

*Darkens soil colour helping absorption of energy from the sun

*Buffers pH value of soil and neutralises acid and alkaline soils

*Improves and optimises the uptake of nutrients and water by plants

*Natural chelator for metal ions under alkaline conditions and promotes uptake by roots

*Becomes rich in organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth

*Retains water soluble inorganic fertilisers in the root zone and  reduces leaching

*Possess extremely high cation exchange capacities

*Promotes conversion of nutrient elements (N,P,K  + Fe, Zn and other trace elements) into plant available form

*Enhances nitrogen uptake by plants and acts as a nitrogen fixer

* Reduces the reaction of phosphorus with Ca, Fe, Mg, and Al and releases it into a beneficial and plant available form, increasing considerably mineral productivity

*Releases co2 from soil calcium carbonate for photosynthesis

*Reduces Chlorosis from iron deficiency in plants

*Reduces availability of toxic substances in soil

*Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production

*Organic catalyst in many biological processes

*Stimulates growth and proliferation of micro-organisms in soil

*Enhances systemic acquired resistance to pathogens and pests

*Stimulates root growth, especially vertically and enables better uptake of nutrients

*Increases root respiration and formation

*Promotes development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids

*Increases germination and viability of seeds

*thickens cell walls in fruits

*stimulates higher growth rate (biomass) by accelerating cell division, increasing root development and yield of dry matter

*Increases yields, physical appearance and nutritional content

To increase efficiency combine Humic Acid with seaweed in solution at a 5:2 ratio. This gives a 50% efficiency increase to both elements.

Mixing: Gradually add 129 grams to 1litre of hot water while agitating vigorously, we recommend a wine degassing whip attached to a drill for this. Continue to agitate until fully dissolved. This gives a 12% solution to be further diluted for use at the following rates:

Foliar application: .25 - 8ml per litre of water.
Irrigation:                1ml per litre of water.

We advise spot testing to ensure suitability of dilution. For Hydroponics we suggest starting with 1ml of solution to 10 litres of water and working up to find a comfortable dosage.

As with all powders please wear a mask when handling to avoid inhalation.