Fulvic Acid is a powerful organic catalyst and chelating agent that improves nutrient uptake, brix levels, crop and soil condition, and accelerates transport of inorganic minerals and trace elements from the soil to all parts of the plant. it promotes enzyme and microbe proliferation and protects against root diseases. Application encourages stomata opening and promotes photosynthetic function. Fulvic acid also increases moisture retention, reducing wilting, and promoting drought resistance. Our Fulvic acid is a high strength formulation 8% by volume. In testing we found it to be 15-25% higher concentration than most fulvic solutions available. It is also one of only two fulvic products available in the UK that is open about concentration, and as such we stand by our product as being of the highest quality.

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seed soak: 5ml/litre

Foliar: 5ml/litre

Soil application: 5ml/litre

Hydroponics: 2.5-5ml/litre

Compatible with most nutrient regimes, remember to perform a jar test for compatibility and reduce nutrient use slightly while testing effect on feed ratios.