SAR booster
SAR booster
SAR booster

Insect frass is a nutrient rich, supremely effective organic fertiliser and microbe stimulant. Produced by the larvae of the black soldier fly, frass has high organic matter content and plant available nitrogen. It is a great source of chitin; a biopolymer that is used in systemic acquired resistance via the salycilic acid pathway to prime cells for enhanced response against pathogens. Chitin is a plant activator and chemical inducer of disease resistance. Research on Black Soldier Fly frass has demonstrated that it contains chitin levels 42% higher than mealworm frass and calcium and phosphorus levels are much more stable than in mealworm frass. Frass can be used to control fungus gnats when used as a root drench in the right proportions. Also trial with cabbages found that plants treated with BSF frass had aphid populations 9.4 times lower than untreated plants when aphids were introduced proving its efficacy as a bio-repellent. Our Frass has an N-P-K of 3-1-1 To really get the best from Frass, combine use with our bio-stimulant MBP Malted Barley Flour. MBP contains an enzyme, Chitinase; which speeds up the degradation of chitin into particles small enough for your plants to make use of. Starting at £6 for half a kilo and reducing in price for bulk orders our frass is roughly 30% cheaper than similar product, and with higher chitin levels we feel it is a very cost effective way to introduce frass to your gardening regime.

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Transplanting:                        Use a pinch to a handful underneath roots

Pre-mix:                                   35g/3.8L medium

Flowers & Vegetables:          25g/square foot  before planting & mid season

Root Drench:                           100-250g/3.8L water stir or aerate then apply

Top Dress:                               25-35g around base of plant and water in thoroughly

Compost Tea:                         25g/3.8L  and aerate to achieve a fungal dominant brew

Fungus Gnat Treatment:       125g/3.8L shake well and allow to sit for 30 minutes, apply to root zone