Crab Shell Meal

Made from the sun dried shells of Irish crabs. Crab shell meal is one of the riches sources of Calcium and Chitin. Calcium plays a crucial role in cell wall structure, maintains bio-chemical balance in the soil, and helps water penetration. Chitin has a role a role in systemic acquired resistance, and when added to the soil helps to deter nematodes as well as slugs and snails. Crabshell also assists with fungal problems, the chitin encourages chitin eating bacteria to hang about and as fungal species have chitin based cell walls it helps to suppress them. There are also healthy levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium to be gained from crabshell giving it an npk of 4-3-0.5.

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Potting up - 5% of pot volume

Broadcast -  250 g/m2