Bokashi 1Kg


A fantastic source of soil and compost activating beneficial microbes, our bokashi is made from apple pulp, straw, seashell flour, and clay minerals fermented with molasses. The fermentation stimulates high microbial activity resulting in a moist nutrient rich organic material. Common in Japanese and Korean natural farming, fermentation has proved to be an effective way of preparing plant material for soil application. This fermented bokashi serves a number of interesting purposes. Traditionally known for anaerobic preparation of material before composting to preserve biomass. Bokashi is a fabulous way to repopulate soils with a community of fungi, yeasts, lactic acid bacteria, phototropic bacteria and actinomycetes. Our Bokashi is semi moist organic matter fermented with beneficial microbes to create a nutrient dense product. By mixing this through your used soil, you repopulate it with micro-organisms, and the organic matter they are housed in breaks down releasing fresh nutrients making it suitable for supporting new plant life. A study of bokashi use in spinach farming also showed that in comparison to worm castings, bokashi released more nitrogen later in the growth cycle. So making it a good way to sustain biomass development throughout the season.

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Bokashi contains naturally occurring beneficial microbial populations that, once introduced, suppress putrefying microbe populations through competitive exclusion. These beneficial microbes also produce bio-chemical substances, such as enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics and phytonutrients that assist development of nutrient dense plants and helps prevent diseases. 


In an air tight tub sprinkle on your waste every time you add to it, leave for two weeks to enable the microbes to work their way through it then add to your compost heap where it will break down rapidly. Or to refresh tired soil mix in at a rate of 4% of pot volume or  1kg/m2.

Remember to store in an airtight tub!