Alfalfa Meal 1Kg


Organic Alfalfa meal is a fantastic natural fertiliser and vegan alternative to blood fish and bone. Microbes break this down giving off heat that increases the rate at which the minerals in this legume become available to your plants. This heat makes Alfalfa a great compost accelerator also. Perfect for delicate plants with gentle amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It is very popular in the USA, and due to a naturally occurring growth hormone 'Triacontonol' present in Alfalfa it encourages a very positive response from your plants and improves biomass development. Although very hard to find Alfalfa in the UK we have never the less managed to find a US source of high quality that is non GM and is not treated at all with either chemicals or pesticides.

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70g/30 Litres of medium