Based in the heart of the West Midlands, Green Hand Organic was formed as a locus for the highest quality organic gardening materials available.  We are gardeners first and foremost, using our links with regenerative agriculture manufacturers to source organic materials and biostimulants. We use these alongside various regenerative methods to improve plant health, productivity, and nutrient content of crops. Our aim is to help you achieve maximum growth of nutrient packed fruit and vegetables, while continually increasing soil quality. What separates us from resellers in the UK market is our experience building soils for specific applications and our determination to use only professionally produced material, thus ensuring consistent results. Our soil kits are a prime example of this, designed from the ground up to offer every major, micro, and macro nutrient required to keep your plants as productive as possible.

At GHO we only accept organic materials from verified organic suppliers. We check the provenance of everything we buy to ensure that our entire range is non-GM and has not been irradiated to extend shelf life. We manufacture our own unique bio-stimulant; MBP Malted Barley Flour, which is verified for use with organic farming methods by the UK's largest organic authority.
We stock a curated range of organic soil amendments, bio-stimulants, microbial products, and cover crops. Every item is evaluated for quality and cost effectiveness before we secure it for our store. This ensures that our products go further and offer you better value for money. No matter which method or medium you use; we are certain that we have something to offer your organic garden.
Vegans, we've got you covered too! A good number of our products are purely plant or mineral based and we are constantly searching for more vegan products.

Green Hand Organic is committed to minimising plastic use. Wherever possible, our products will be packed in biodegradable pouches that break down fully in 12 weeks on your compost heap. We prefer to use powdered products where effective to do so and limit our range of bottled products to comply with this aim.